Building and Growing Your Online Brand August 20, 2018

In this module, we’ll discuss the difference between branding and marketing. We’ll also cover some branding basics and review the key ways you can brand your business online.

Your brand is how people perceive your business. It is the actions you take to help people understand and remember who you are as a company. How can you build a strong brand that will attract and keep customers?

Developing your brand is hard enough, but in today’s world, you not only have to keep your brand top of mind with customers but also be "at the tip of their fingers" when they search online. 

Take this interactive course to learn

  • What a brand is and how to create your brand 
  • How to use your website and domain name to brand your business online 
  • Where to get ideas for content marketing and how to use it to brand your business, and
  • Best practices for email marketing and how to use it to strengthen your brand

You’ll also discover resources you can use to help build your brand and track performance.

Need help implementing these new tactics? Connect with a SCORE mentor for customized advice for your business.

Key Topics

Building and Growing Your Online Brand